Calendula Infused Olive Oil in Everett
26 Sep 2013

Calendula Infused Olive Oil in Everett

You just tried to make my Triple

26 Sep 2013

calendula infused olive oil

You just tried to make my Triple Black Vegan Cake. It took you a month to gather all the hard-to-find ingredients because you had to go to Mt. Kilimanjaro to buy organic black beluga lentils, and that in itself was a 17 hour flight there and back. Then, you had to stay up all night grinding the lentils into flour, which woke up your angry neighbors because the Vitamix was obnoxiously loud. When the cake was finally ready to eat, your Wendy’s Eating Husband hated it, and you thought it was just OK because you’re still getting used to the unsweetened life. After all that, you had to go to counseling to work through forgiving me for ruining your life, all for an allergy friendly, blood sugar friendly cake.

Well, you won’t need therapy after making calendula infused olive oil, because it is so easy to make. The ingredients are simple: dried calendula flowers, olive oil, and vitamin E. Even the Wendy’s Eating Husband wouldn’t complain about making this one, because he can’t stand long, drawn-out archerfriendly projects (isn’t it obvious that he likes the drive-thru?).

calendula infused olive oil

First things first, you need a crock-pot. I used the little one Mama Crow gave me in college when I got Interstitial Cystitis (IC). It was to help me make special IC friendly food. Oh, I forgot to tell you about Mama Crow. That’s my mom, and that’ll be her name around here, just like the other special names we have for people (WEH, WEBIL, CLD). Tuck Mama Crow somewhere in your brain for now, because I’ll write more about her in another post. We must get back to business before you get all huffy with impatience.

infused oil in crock pot

I make calendula infused olive oil via the digestion method. Dried calendula flowers fill a half pint canning jar. The dried flowers are fully covered in cold pressed, organic extra virgin olive oil. The jar is sealed with a toxic, BPA containing lid, and placed in a crock-pot water bath for two days (yes, those metal canning lids are not so healthy-hippie after all). Some people say that 10 days is the ideal time to make medicated oil in a water bath. I do a shortened version for 2 days, and the medicated oil always works wonderfully for me regardless. Let’s let go of perfection and call it good.

straining calendula infused oil

When the time is up, the calendula is strained out of the oil, and vitamin E is added to preserve it. The oil should be stored in the fridge to prevent it from going rancid. Now that you have calendula infused olive oil, you can do a million things with it!

Calendula infused olive oil can be used as:

  • a skin moisturizer for anybody but especially for babies
  • a topical agent for eczema
  • a topical agent for burns
  • a topical agent for diaper rash
  • a topical agent for healing scars
  • a topical anti-inflammatory agent
  • a substitute for olive oil in homemade salad dressings for an extra gut healing boost
  • a base for homemade herbal salve (ointment)
  • a base for homemade herbal chapstick
  • a base for homemade herbal face cream or herbal body lotion
  • a base for homemade herbal conditioner
  • a base for a facial cleanser via the oil cleansing method
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